The Writer’s Season…

Written by Natalie Vice
| March 26, 2021

I know you’ve all heard the phrase, “to all things there is a time, and a season for every matter under heaven” and I believe this applies to the journey of our life, as well as the journey of mankind, nature, and mother earth.  We’re all intertwined and times and seasons are experienced individually and as one.  Everything has a time to come and a time to go.

The writer’s season for this woman is in it’s infancy – there are still so many stories to relate and characters to create!  I often find myself overwhelmed with ideas and storylines – some are written hastily on napkins and scraps of paper, some are actually recorded via a voice memo on my phone.  When the ideas begin to flow, they are like a rushing mountain spring after a rain shower.

I have the book series that you find advertised on this website, but I also have additional books already named, outlined, and partially written – simply waiting in the wings for the appropriate time to put them together; this is how I know my writer’s season is only just beginning.  The flowing of ideas and creativity is still a rushing mountain spring.

As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, the pull of the writer’s season becomes stronger and I know that the time to grow as a writer is almost upon me.

I’m almost ready to return to the mountains that spawned the books series – the Ozarks – to finish “The Women of the Ozarks, The Scrapbook Series” and look forward to the next book, and the next book, and the next book.  See the pattern developing, the season coming into full view?  I surely do…

You know, I’ve said over and over again – everyone should take time to dream.  To have the dream is really the first step in bringing about a new reality.  I’ve had a dream to write for almost as long as I can remember having dreams.  It all began with reading books, loving the characters and having a desire to create characters and tell stories myself.  So in many ways, my season for writing is the culmination of a long held dream.  The season may have taken a while to arrive, but I believe it will be one of the most rewarding seasons I’ve ever known.  I’ll be sure to let you know how the writing season develops, each step of the way!

Until next week and we talk again, happy reading!



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