The Unforeseen Moments of the Journey

Written by Natalie Vice
| September 11, 2020

Once again I find myself in front of the computer trying to compose some few paragraphs that interest my readers, and provide a window into the world of my writing, and all that’s included – thoughts, feelings, laughter, and sometimes tears.

The concentration and clarity I normally feel while sharing bits and pieces of my journey and my writing is not as easily attained this week.

The last few blogs have been quite philosophical, and maybe just a little melancholy.  I’ve pondered that perhaps there is some unseen energy that, no matter how far and wide we travel, ties us to the ones we love.  So much so, that somewhere in the deep recesses of our subconscious, we are more attuned to them than we realize.

This week we mourn the passing of one of our family members, and although it seems to be totally unexpected, I wonder if my mood of the last few weeks, was not a precursor to that loss, and the universe’s way of preparing me for the sorrow.  Maybe those kinds of questions are better left for us to answer when we are eventually nothing more than a small light of energy, joining all the other lights of energy in the great expanse of the universe.

Although I have more that I could add, I think that’s enough from the philosophical mind, and I should end this short blog with a thought from the more logical mind.

We are each on a journey; we can never be sure who will be with us tomorrow.  Make the most of each day; sing as if no one were listening, and dance as if no one were watching.  Tomorrow is not promised.

My book bubble this week is set in lock step with my personal experience, and although my loss is not that of a father, Jo’s loss and sorrow closely resemble my own.

I’m including a link to the bubble here,

Until next week, and the sun shines a bit brighter!



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