The Adventure of the Journey….

Written by Natalie Vice
| September 4, 2020

Well, here we are again.  Sunday has arrived and I’m sitting here composing my thoughts for another week’s blog.  Sounds like just another ho hum week, right?

But words can be deceptive.  True, I have reached another Sunday, and true I’m putting together this week’s blog, just the same as last week.  But that’s where the similarity ends.

Last week was spent packing and reflecting.  This week has been spent moving, unpacking and racing against the clock to setup a house and office.  So, this week, I’m writing in a completely new environment, completely new office, and with completely new thoughts.

This week has brought me to thoughts of the journey we make through life.  Someone once said, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that makes life worth living.” And they were spot on.

My journey has been such an exciting, amazing experience, and although I often take time to look back at what that means for me, I just as often fail to truly appreciate the steps in that journey and their importance.

When we begin this trek through life, everyday brings a new adventure, a new experience.  Somewhere between the age of 5 and 18, we begin to accept the importance of the destination and to place more emphasis on the destination, rather than the path to that place.

I’ve spent so many years thinking in terms of “when” I get somewhere; “when” I achieve this or that goal; “when” I have this or that complete, then I’ll be satisfied.  And you know what?  Seldom does that attainment feel like I thought it would feel.  But always, along the way, there are moments that just blow me away.  That make me feel like I’m on top of the world.  That make me smile with pride, or cry with joy.  It’s the small moments, the journey through this life that we’re given that are the most important parts.  The steps from point A to point B are much more memorable (most of the time) than the actual final step of completion.

Which brings me to Jo & Gina and their search for a path to return to the friendship of their youth.  They’re just like the rest of us, as so often we fail to realize it’s the adventure of the journey, not the destination, that forms the long-lasting bonds of true friendship.

This week’s book bubble, titled “It’s the Journey, Not the Destination takes you inside the mind of Jo as she is about to see her old friend for the first time in several decades.  Can the next step in their individual journey’s reunite the young girls of yesteryear?

I’ll leave you with that question and until next week, Happy reading!



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