Seize the Moment…

Written by Natalie Vice
| August 14, 2020

We all make our entrance into this world as a blank, clean slate of sorts. As a writer, I envision that entrance as a clean sheet of paper, just waiting to be turned into a story. For others, I’m sure the comparison is made to whatever they most identify with. Mine just happens to be a clean, crisp sheet of blank paper.

It’s worth noting that we make our entrance really, without any skills, tools, resources or (and here’s the big one) any kind of knowledge about how the world works and where our place is in the vast expanse of the rock we call earth. The journey of life provides us with the opportunity to acquire all those things listed above, IF we so desire.

Knowledge, for me, is the most important objective and most valuable acquisition that we make as we travel through. Knowledge gained is something that can never be taken from you. Once you know something, pretty much short of a brain injury, it belongs to you for life.

That’s such a powerful thing.

Knowledge is undeniably the most obvious way out of poverty, has the ability to bring about extreme levels of success, and offers each of us the opportunity to grow as individuals.

However, when you couple knowledge with life experience, something amazing happens: you now have the opportunity to stand in the middle and look backward and forward simultaneously. You are gifted with an uncanny sense of knowing how to accommodate life as tomorrow’s promise turns into the opportunity of today.

With that profound gift, comes the sage advice of “seize the moment, for it may never come again”.

This week’s book bubble ( highlights just how powerful and important those words can be, and how they truly impacted Gina’s life time and time again.
If you will, take a moment to hop on over to Bublish, or to my Facebook page and check out this week’s bubble, entitled “Seize the Moment”. I think you’ll enjoy!

Until next week, be safe and seize the moment!



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