Reversing Tides and Winds of Change…

Written by Natalie Vice
| April 9, 2021

Hi, My Dear Readers!

Here we are again, and as promised last week, I have stimulating news to share.

First, let’s talk about the books – Memories of Tomorrow is now available as a free download on Net Galley.  Yes, you’ll have to setup an account, but it costs you nothing and it would mean the world for me to read your reviews.  Here’s a link to the book there:    NetGalley

My goal is to have Unraveling finished by late summer and ready for the press by October.  I’ve found a renewed sense of urgency by taking pen to paper and working on this book.  The story is ready to tumble out, burst forth. I love to write when it feels like I can’ttype fast enough to get it all on paper.  It’s those stimulating, gratifying moments that make all the hard work worthwhile.

Of course, I must say, getting to spend some time in the Ozarks just pushed me forward with the urge to write.  It’s so inspirational wandering in those mountains.  And that brings us to the other exciting news…

It looks like we’re finally ready to work on the retreat at Braden Mountain!  We’re meeting with timber people, road people, water people, all the things that we’ve had on the list to work out are in the process of being worked out…and the building is almost ready to begin.

I’ll have a 3D rendering ready in about 3 weeks that I’ll share with the weekly blog post.

Let me tell you, if you ever question yourself about dreaming or following a dream… the dedication and sacrifice that it might take to make a dream come true… if you question the worth… I have found it to be worth every day that there was hard work, every moment of sacrifice.  As I’ve said, when you take the time to dream and make a dream come true…it’s like riding a star across the vast expanse of the universe; it’s dizzying, breathtaking and unbelievably satisfying.

Until next week and we talk again, happy reading!



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