It’s the Mundane that killed the Cat…

Written by Natalie Vice
| April 2, 2021

I’m going to start this week off once again, with a phrase I am pretty sure you’ve all heard: “Curiosity killed the cat”.

No it didn’t.

I’m here to attest that there is no way that it was curiosity that killed the cat.  It could only have been the mundane and boring that killed the cat.  Curiosity is such an invigorating thing – so full of energy and life, there’s no way curiosity could have had the total opposite effect and sucked the life out of the cat.

Mundane and boring, on the other hand, have been known to suck the joy and life right out of a person with even the strongest constitution!

I’ve said all that, to bring us to the fact that often when a writer writes, there are moments, hours, sometimes days, and sometimes even weeks that seem like nothing happens.  No inspiration, no enlightening words, just nothing but the mundane.  The same ho hum “I can’t think of a thing to say” existence.

But you should never give up.  Never throw in the towel.  Because just when you think your gift has gone the way of the dinosaur – inspiration shows itself in the most unpredictable of ways and times, and boom!  You’ve got a story… you’ve got exactly the right words at exactly the right time and you can’t wait to share it with the world.

I’ve shared all that this week because for the last couple of months, that’s what my life has felt like (not necessarily my writing, but my personal life) and then all of a sudden, like the early morning rays of sunrise, change has burst upon me; tides have turned, and there’s hardly enough hours in the day to meet all the things that need my attention.  Those moments and hours beg me to write and share the story.

So, next week, I’ll have some of those changing tides to share with you. But this week, I just wanted to encourage any of you stuck in the mundane – be the cat; hold out for the curiosity and adventure that’s coming….

Until next week and we talk again, happy reading!



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