In the Cold Kentucky Rain…

Written by Natalie Vice
| March 5, 2021

As I promised in last week’s blog, we have some exciting things to talk about, not the least of which concerns my writing.  Last week I also related that I felt as though my path was in the sun, I could see my way, and my fate was written in the stars; I still feel that way this week, however, the irony and humor I find in that statement is that in the physical world today, it’s pouring rain in this Kentucky neighborhood, and not one ray of sunshine can be found!   Ahh…the ironies in life..

Finally, after several years of debate, research, and financial planning, my better half and myself made the decision about our retirement environment (I wrote about this in an earlier blog post titled “Cross-roads & Choices”).  Now we find ourselves contemplating the actual retirement date and making the necessary decisions to realize that retirement dream.  Sometimes, the preparation for retirement makes me more tired than a 9-5 job.

Our latest step towards that reaching that retirement dream was to purchase 250 acres of Braden Mountain in Marble Falls, Ar.  This heavenly little spot is just north of the Buffalo National River and Jasper, Ar, and is home to some of the most beautiful views of the Ozark Mountains you can imagine; in fact, I think I’ll share one of those views with you today.

We have several months of work to do to make this mountain ready to live on, but we’re both looking forward to the work and the adventure. During the coming months of preparation, planning and construction of our retirement haven, I’ll have plenty of updates to share with you.

I’ll also have plenty of opportunities to share more information about the Ozark Mountains and lives of Jo and Gina, so please stay tuned for the next part of the writing journey.  My hope is to finish the Scrapbook Series by the end of 2022, just as we finish the creation of Braden Mountain Estates.

For now, and for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included a pic of Braden Mountain as it is today; a forest of enchantment and home to an adventurer, a dreamer, and an aspiring writer!

Until next week, happy reading!



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