Friends Come in All Kinds…

Written by Natalie Vice
| July 31, 2020

As I sat down today to put together this week’s blog post and book bubble, I ran across a section in “Memories of Tomorrow” where Jo and Maggie are engaged in a work conversation; as usual however, it’s never all strictly work because over some 30 years of being a part of each other’s lives, they’ve formed a friendship. Personal topics inevitably find their way into the conversation.

Having found that passage, my thoughts today turned to all the different kinds of friends we make as we sojourn through life. I also decided this was an excellent topic for the blog today.

Over the course of life, I’ve discovered we make all kinds of friends – some stay the course, some are fair weather, and some have but one purpose for a brief time.

All of them, however, bring something to our life. Often, something good, occasionally something bad, and sometimes just a presence that comforts us in a time of need. Regardless of their purpose or their time in our life, we as the social creatures that we are, need our friends.

We need their advice, their honesty and their companionship. We need the smile they bring to our day; we need the conversation and debate; we need the opportunity to make memories with people that are important to us, in the hope that those people will be there to look back on those memories and laugh, cry, or just smile with a shared feeling of fondness.

Women of the Ozarks, The Scrapbook Series is actually a series of stories that examines the complex and sometimes contradictory nature of friendships (from a completely fictional viewpoint, of course. I don’t it want to sound like a REAL scientific examination is taking place among the pages of the books).

The shared friendship between Jo and Gina has waxed and waned over their lifetimes, and is now taking center stage as these two reach a point where they look backwards and forwards; trying to decide which path brings them the most happiness and peace. Which path leads to the feeling of a life well lived? A life filled with the rich rewards of family and friends?

This week’s Book Bubble, of course, shares the blog’s same theme of friends, friendships, and the many ways we make and keep friends.

The book bubble takes a look at another of Jo’s friends, and how sometimes those friendships are born of strife and pain.

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Til next week, stay safe and share a moment with a friend!



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