A Week of Goodbyes…

Written by Natalie Vice
| March 12, 2021

This past week has been a busy time filled for the most part with endings and goodbyes.

We finally have all our belongings packed and stored. We finished saying our goodbyes to the river house and are now waiting for her new owners to take possession.

We reminisced about our time on the river; all the weekends spent with family, all the weekends spent enjoying the peace the river offers up for those lucky enough to live on her shores.

We attended a wedding and watched a young man and woman say goodbye to their individual lives, only to say hello to the beginning of a shared life.  In those moments, I was once again reminded that for every ending, there is a new beginning.

All the time I had spent dwelling on goodbyes suddenly didn’t seem so sad…suddenly didn’t seem like endings at all.

For the River house, a new family will arrive and a new story of life on the water will begin.  New quiet afternoons relaxing, new weekends spent with family, and new enjoyment of the river’s winding run.

For myself and the hubby, a new life in the Ozarks awaits; a new beginning that we’ve worked hard to bring into reality is just around the corner.  New mountain adventures, new breathtaking mountain views, and new weekends with family on Braden Mountain.

It seems just as we pass from an end to a beginning, mother nature is there to remind that there are always goodbyes and hellos….spring is beginning to peep out from under the cold and snow in Kentucky and bring about another goodbye and hello!

I have realized in writing this post, that this first week of March filled with so many goodbyes and endings, has been filled with just as many hellos and beginnings.  So, I’ll close this post with a goodbye for this week and look forward to a new hello for my readers next week!

Until then, happy reading!



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