Hi. I’m Natalie Vice.

Thanks for visiting my site. As a women’s fiction author and freelance writer since 2005, I’m always looking for my next great story.

In my fiction, I create stories that take readers on a journey “back into their yesterdays.” I’m fascinated with the past’s impact on the present and work hard to create believable characters and inspiring stories of hope and joy.

As a freelance writer and journalist, I serve the business, finance, and cryptocurrency industries. More information and samples of my work can be found on Scripted’s freelance writer’s platform.

If I could boil my approach to writing down to one idea, it would be this Irish proverb: “Take time to dream, it is hitching your wagon to a star.” I hope you enjoy exploring my site.


 Friendship, Fate, and the Road Home 

Womens of the Ozarks // THE SCRAPBOOK SERIES

Can friendship last a lifetime?

Jo Felsenthal and Gina Ingram were the closest of childhood friends back in Polk Ridge, Arkansas. Growing up in a beautiful, close-knit Ozark community, they were surrounded by love and laughter.

But then life took them in very different directions for almost forty years. Now, they are reunited. But can a bucket full of childhood memories reignite a treasured friendship long abandoned?